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OUT 09/21/18. PROMISE.



I really wish I knew how to talk about this record properly. This isn't some kind of writing device to prepare you for an insightful diatribe. I've been fighting this record for the last four years. Longer, actually. The bones of some of these 13 songs go back to when I first started down this Jackson Pollock-drawn path. 

I still don't know what I'm doing.

And that's kind of the point of this record. After spending time with a couple producers, spending coin and time on and with amazing session musicians (thank you, thank you, thank you), I decided to do this at home. On my own time. With my own gear cobbled together from Google searches and Amazon next-day deliveries. And with my own specific-level of almost threatening knowledge and almost gleeful ignorance.

And these songs. It needs to be said: they're a bunch of assholes.

They're culled from over 400 voice memos I had lodged on my hard drive. And from writing while recording ('Set Me On Fire' is the newest of the bunch). That's not meant to sound impressive. That's mania. That's me burying myself away and trying to make sense of the gross and intense baggage that comes along with struggling with your mental health.

That topic circles 'Stubborn Romance' like a vulture. The first song paints a pretty picture of someone struggling with wanting to go away, and the next deals with my Viking Funeral. And the same topic weaves its ways into the love songs, too. 'We All Pray For Something' wonders if your partner is willing to lean in during the hard times. When the truth comes out that the picture you've painted for yourself starts to wear down and the numbers start to show.

Stubborn Romance was recorded at home. And that's what these songs needed. They don't deserve polish. They needed to be rough and fumbled through a little. To show the honesty that I've been able to find through years of digging. Finally being honest with myself about where I've been and where I want to go. So take those flubs as my winks. That we're all in this together.

It feels good to be done with. And it feels good to know I'm not done. Not yet.

If you take the time to listen, I hope you're able to find something in there for yourself. I appreciate you and the effort. 

Oh, and any similarities to Ryan Adams is entirely intentional.

"No feeling is final."
- R.M. Rilke



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