I'm a graphic designer living and working out of Ottawa, Ontario CANADA. I've worked in a slew of agencies and now run a branding studio (Able Company) where I steer the ship on projects for clients that get people excited. That's the point.

I'm really good at coming up with strange ideas that work. Some of them have made it onto Brand New, Boooooooom!, Juxtapoz, Applied Arts, Communication Arts, and Buzzfeed (of all places). And I've had some speaking gigs at TEDxOttawa and Creative Mornings (pardon the cussing). You could say I'm a pretty well-rounded polymath. You COULD say that. You could. If you really wanted to.

I'm available for all kinds of things. Get in touch. Don't make it weird.


work: steve at able dot company
personal: stevestpierre at gmail dot com