Rebel in a sweater.


OUT 09/21/18. PROMISE.



I'd love to be extremely esoteric and lament on how the 'Romance' in the title of this record ('Stubborn Romance') refers to romancing the everyday, romancing the ideals that exist in the world. But let's be honest here: I'm a soft-hearted stoner who writes songs about relationships. But I also write songs about death. And so this record has to do with relationships and death and my relationship with death. 

The stubborn part I've been wearing for years. With my brain and with these songs. This record was stubborn as hell. The songs took a little too long to really reveal themselves. And it was recorded at home in the last few weeks leading up to its release (several versions of each song were recorded over the last year and a half and will be digitally burned in a digital tire fire). There was a steep learning curve that actually lends itself to these songs.

But I can see the growth, which means there might be light. Dumping the acoustic for this early '60s Harmony Rocket was a big part of it, but these songs are honest. Maybe a little too honest at times. And the record was recorded as earnestly as possible, with red eyes and a bit of a trembling nervousness the entire way, but stubborn to make it feel the way I need it do.

I really hope you can tell I mean it. Each line. Each syllable. If that's the case, my work here is done. If not, well, guess I've got to keep going.

See you on the other side,



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